Antimicrobial Products by Rocky Mountain Hardware

  • In 2011, Rocky Mountain Hardware introduced a product collection cast of CuVerro® bactericidal copper alloy.  This unique offering combines Rocky Mountain’s state of the art manufacturing capabilities and  casting knowledge with Olin Brass’ CuVerro, a solid surface that continuously kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria*, when cleaned regularly.  The resulting products perfectly marry form and function, not only to help combat exposure to harmful bacteria* in healthcare facilities but also in any public area.

    Colors and Finishes

    Available in 6 different color finishes.  Each piece can be cast in three EPA regiatered alloys including—Rose, Silicon and White. A brushed or matte finish is then applied, creating 6 finish options. Bronze is known for having a living finish; each piece will uniquely change due to time, cleaning, touch and environment, which will not compromise the antimicrobial properties.