Diamond and Square Interwoven Grilles

  • A basket weave style hand woven grille which is available in several different apertures and section size configurations. they can add a touch of style to any cabinetry, radiator cover, door insert or air vent cover.


    It can be supplied in either diamond or square layout with either reeded or plain style section with optional mesh backing. metal framing can also be applied.


    Diamond and Square Interwoven Grille –
    Finish options on Brass material only.
    Stainless Steel, Steel, and Aluminium available in self colour un-lacquered only.
    Available with optional mesh backing G213 (1/16” hole) or G214 (1/8” hole).
    Grille thickness is approximately 3/32” – 1/8” thick. Additional backing mesh will be 1/16” thick.

    Finish options:

    Brass, Brass Lacquered, Antique Brass, Bronze Metal Antique, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, Polished Chrome Satin Chrome, Antique Nickel, and Antique Copper.