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    Cotswold Brass Pot Rail & S Hooks


    • Elegant and functional, our collection of luxury brass rails present a sophisticated storage addition to kitchens, panties and utility rooms. Expertly crafted from solid brass, each traditional brass rail is designed to form a practical accessory that promises to elevate your interior in equal measure. Made in England, from pot rails to towel rails, effortlessly house daily essentials like pans, utensils and more and add the timeless charm of brass into your home.

      Available in the following sizes:

      • 500mm + 4 S-Hooks
      • 900mm + 6 S-Hooks
      • 1200mm + 8 S-Hooks
      • 1500mm + 10 S-Hooks
      • 1800mm + 10 S-Hooks
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