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YDR30G - Yale Link Gatelock

  • Yale YDR30G is specially designed for Singapore HDB Gates.  It has four access solutions for your convenience:

    · PIN-code

    · Card

    · Key override

    · Remote Control


    Other features include:


    Invisible Keypad
    Keypad can be seen only when you touch the screen with your palm.


    Operation Status Notification

    Whenever any operation is made, the keypad informs you what has happened through different alignment of the numbers.


    Automatic Locking

    The Yale series automatically locks the door after checking it is properly closed. (Manual operation is also available).


    Alarm (Break/Damage/Fire)

    80dB alarm goes off if anyone attempts to damage the lock or force the door open.


    Low Battery and Emergency Power

    It warns in case of low battery with alarm and LED. When the batteries are completely discharged, you can easily supply emergency power to the lock with the standard 9V battery.

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